We repair most firearms that we can get parts for. All firearms are cleaned, lubricated, safety checked and test fired. Most repairs are $70.00 + the cost of parts. WE ARE REPAIRING FIREARMS ON A LIMITED BASIS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.



We are recommended by Smith & Wesson, Walther Arms, and Earl’s Repair Service, who is your source for all German built pistols. We are your one stop source for repairs, limited parts, accessories and reloading supplies.

We can solve your ‘stovepiping’, extraction and ejection

Our ‘overhaul’ will solve all of your problems. We disassemble and inspect each pistol. We ultrasonically clean and lubricate the pistol and any magazines (up to 2) you send us. We
replace most of the springs in the pistol and ‘tweak’ a few parts that Walther didn’t. We repaint your sights and safety
indicator. We reassemble and test fire your pistol using various brands of FMJ ammunition, and Hornady 90 grain FTX Critical Defense JHP’s. It must shoot 25 times consecutively with five magazine changes. All pistols have the bore cleaned with
Ballistol, and a light coat of Ballistol is applied prior to
shipment. You can find this product on our Gunbroker Listings. It is simply amazing. Our charge to overhaul your pistol is $175.00 plus shipping back to you or your FFL. Any parts that need to be replaced are additional. See the ‘shipping
instructions’ below.

Our “No BS Guarantee” on repairs is plain and simple – We will ensure that your weapon operates reliably. We use various brands of FMJ ammunition for testing. We use Hornady Critical Defense FTX 90 grain JHP ammunition in our tests also. We don’t do trigger jobs or set pistols up for other brands of JHP ammunition.

All work is usually completed in thirty business days.


SEND YOUR FIREARM W/MAGAZINE (S) TO: Gunshooter Enterprises (240 Main Street, Millsboro, DE 19966) via UPS Air. You, personally, can only ship a handgun via a contracted carrier. It must go UPS Air. PLEASE DO NOT USE FEDEX IF YOU HAVE A CHOICE. THEIR SERVICE ISN’T GOOD IN THIS AREA. If you have a dealer ship it to me, it can go through the US Mail priority mail using PS Form 1508. This will save you PPK and PPKSmoney. Typically it only costs $15.00 to $20.00. I will, in return, ship it back through the dealer. He will handle it as a repair. No ATF form 4473 to fill out. WE USE UPS EXCLUSIVELY TO SHIP YOUR HANDGUN BACK TO YOU IF IT WAS NOT SENT BY A DEALER. Email us at [email protected], when you ship it. Our contact information and mailing address for any

correspondence is on our contact page.

We will email you upon receipt.

We will give you an estimate on all work before we begin. Don’t worry about paying for our services upfront. We prefer to take care of that by you using your credit card for a secure transaction, prior to shipment. Our charge to you includes all parts, labor and shipment of your completed pistol back to you via UPS Air or USPS priority mail. Extra charges will apply for any other problems, some other bad part, etc, that we encounter.

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