Beginning Gun Safety Classes

Learn the basics for proper gun safety from firearms experts at Gunshooter Enterprises. We proudly provide gun safety courses for beginners and anyone wanting a refresher on gun safety practices. The basic skills developed in this 2 hour class and on the shooting range will be invaluable, lifelong skills for fostering responsible firearm owners of all ages.

Gunshooter’s gun safety training classes are available near Georgetown and Milford, DE upon request. Contact us to begin, or learn more about the course below!


The classroom portion of this course included instruction in the following elements:

  • Instruction regarding knowledge and safe handling of firearms
  • Instruction regarding safe storage of firearms and child safety
  • Instruction regarding knowledge and safe handling of ammunition
  • Instruction regarding safe storage of ammunition and child safety
  • Instruction regarding safe firearms shooting fundamentals
  • Identification of ways to develop and maintain safe shooting skills

Students will be in the classroom for about 2 hours of instruction then we will proceed to the range to where each student will be required to fire 25 – 50 rounds from their handgun. Cost is $100.00.

Students must register at our store prior to the course date, and have in their possession:

  • Handgun
  • Hearing Protection
  • Holster
  • Eye Protection
  • 2 Magazines (if Semi-Automatic Pistol)
  • Speedloarder (if avialable for your Revolver)


Classes are held on an as
needed basis at 111 Rail Road
St. Millsboro DE 19966.

To request gun safety classes or get more
information, please give us a
call at 302-663-0838.

Contact Gunshooter Enterprises today to schedule gun safety training classes near you in Milford, DE. Let Gunshooter teach you and your family how to be safe while in possession of a handgun or other firearms.

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