New firearms are received daily. We stock a great
selection of new and
used pistols revolvers, rifles and shotguns.
We also stock various
calibers of ammunition.


Does your firearm need some TLC? Our team of trained gun technicians can help. If we can get the necessary parts, we will do what we can to repair your gun and get it back in tip top shape.


We are a high-quality arms manufacturer in Delaware. If you’re looking for a Match Grade M1 Garand, M1A, or AR15, come by today!


Gunshooter offers firearms training classes for anyone interested in gun safety or concealed carry. Call today to learn more.


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The “biggest little gun store on the shore” just got a little bigger! Click on the link to visit our Webstore and get an automatic 5% off every purchase! We have everything from what’s in our store to what can’t fit. So make sure to take a look and call or email with any question!

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Shotgun Cleaning – Come in and get your shotgun cleaned before our price goes up in September (and just in time for Hunting Season!) Come in between now and October 1st to get the $60 cleaning fee. We will ultrasonically clean, lubricate, and test fire your gun so that you don’t have to worry about anything other than how many deer you’re going to get!

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